My Brain Turned to Mush

Date 2018-09-13 Author Allie Wooldridge Category confessions

People say that when you are pregnant you get “baby brain”. They explain it as a fog, or a forgetfulness, moments of time when you are about to speak or act and draw a blank.

I never understood what they meant. In fact, I kind of looked forward to it since my brain was a never ending chatterbox.

Then baby brain happened, and I like to explain it like this:

Before pregnancy, and definitely before kids my brain seemed to be organized into spider diagrams. “Allie” was in the centre, from there were bubbles like ‘fitness’, ‘work’, ‘social’, ‘financial’, etc. And of course, each of those had multiple legs attached to them.

The further along I got into my pregnancy, the more legs of each bubble seemed to disappear. Not dwindle or get smaller, but actually vanish. After my first was born, the disappearing act in my brain continued. Once I had my second child I was left with nothing, literally mush.

My “Allie” bubble was completely empty and in its place was one of those wind-up monkey toys. You know the yellow one with the funny smile on its face that claps the cymbals together and makes music? Yup, that was all that was left in my head after kids.

That is what I call baby brain!


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