Imaginative Play... But I Don't Want To!

Date 2019-01-06 Author Allie Wooldridge Category confessions

Spending time with my boys is amazing, except when it comes to imaginative play. I really dislike imaginative play.

I feel so guilty saying “no” when the boys ask me to play. They problem is I’m very bad at playing! Almost instantly I begin to yawn and I begin pretending (in all contexts of the word). When I do make myself play and pretend to make cars talk or superheroes fight crime, I find myself zoning in and out. I get distracted by little things that have no significance at all.

My challenge with imaginative play is so bizarre to me because I love to create. However, when it comes to pretending and going into the kids world, I am very challenged, and do not enjoy that time.

It’s not as though I never play, it’s just that I’m way better, and enjoy it more, when I’m teaching them something and using real life as part of our interactions. It can literally be anything else. Reading books, crafts, outdoor adventures, outings, riding horses or bikes, building forts, etc.

I have decided to be 100% honest with my boys and tell them that “this is not mommy’s favorite thing to do so I will play for just a little while so we all have fun”. This way feel like I am being more fair to them. Also, I believe it teaches them that people are different, and I am showing them what being authentic and honest feels and looks like.

With love and gratitude,


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Hayden Rubensohn

This is great! I really like the honesty. :)

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