How to Set a New Year's Resolution You Will Actually Stick To

Date 2018-12-28 Author Allie Wooldridge Category mind

The New Year comes with the promise of a new beginning. And if you are like me, and like most people for that matter, you use the start of the year to make a commitment of some kind to yourself. Then, at some point over the first 30-90 days of the year you find that the excitement and desire to continue with that commitment fades quickly.

Simplifying Decision Making and Facilitating Change - A Life Altering Tool

Date 2018-10-09 Author Allie Wooldridge Category mind

I am not sure whether everyone hits rock bottom, nor whether that moment is always a catalyst for change. What I do know is that during times of overwhelm I tend to downward spiral really quickly. New action is necessary to redirect this habit; but how do I take different actions and make the change?

How to Change Your Life In 10 Minutes a Day - Journaling for Busy Moms

Date 2018-08-12 Author Allie Wooldridge Category mind

Running, hiding, and being busy…really busy! Doing anything to distract myself from what was going through my mind on a moment to moment basis was the goal. Looking on social media, playing games, doing make work projects, online shopping, creating unrealistic ‘to-do’ lists, planning and replanning were just some of the daily habits I had adopted in order to disappear from my reality. Reflecting on how and why I had gotten here was the furthest thing from my mind.

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