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A-Type Mom Test

Date 2019-01-23 Author Allie Wooldridge Category confessions
I do my best to make sure the boys’ bedrooms are a place where they feel uniquely themselves. One of the ways I do this is by decorating the walls with canvases I paint myself (super fun creative outlet) with pictures of their latest obsession.

Sweet Enough Matcha Latte

Date 2019-01-23 Author Allie Wooldridge Category recipes


1 tsp matcha powder
1.5 cups almond milk
1-2 tsp maple syrup


Heat milk and syrup in a pot. When boiled, add 1/4 tsp matcha.
Put the remaining matcha in a cup. Add milk to cup when powder and milk are mixed.
Enjoy :)

With love and gratitude,

Imaginative Play... But I Don't Want To!

Date 2019-01-06 Author Allie Wooldridge Category confessions

Spending time with my boys is amazing, except when it comes to imaginative play. I really dislike imaginative play.

Healthy Homemade Chocolate

Date 2019-01-03 Author Allie Wooldridge Category recipes


  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1 cup cocoa powder
  • 4 tbsp maple syrup
  • 2 dashes salt
  • 4 tbsp slivered almonds

How to Set a New Year's Resolution You Will Actually Stick To

Date 2018-12-28 Author Allie Wooldridge Category mind

The New Year comes with the promise of a new beginning. And if you are like me, and like most people for that matter, you use the start of the year to make a commitment of some kind to yourself. Then, at some point over the first 30-90 days of the year you find that the excitement and desire to continue with that commitment fades quickly.

Simplifying Decision Making and Facilitating Change - A Life Altering Tool

Date 2018-10-09 Author Allie Wooldridge Category mind

I am not sure whether everyone hits rock bottom, nor whether that moment is always a catalyst for change. What I do know is that during times of overwhelm I tend to downward spiral really quickly. New action is necessary to redirect this habit; but how do I take different actions and make the change?

Did I Feed the Dog?

Date 2018-10-04 Author Allie Wooldridge Category confessions

It’s the third morning in a row and I can’t remember if I fed the dog! I got up, fed the baby, changed the baby, and had some coffee. Those things I know for sure. There is evidence. I woke up because Jaret needed to eat, he has a clean dry diaper, and there is still a mug half full of warm coffee on the counter. But I can’t for the life of me remember if I fed Moose.

What is the Best Diet for Busy Moms?

Date 2018-09-28 Author Allie Wooldridge Category body

Deciding that I need a little help with weight loss or eating healthier should be as simple as deciding it. However, I have found it is anything but simple. With all the options out there for diets the choices are endless.

My Brain Turned to Mush

Date 2018-09-13 Author Allie Wooldridge Category confessions

People say that when you are pregnant you get “baby brain”. They explain it as a fog, or a forgetfulness, moments of time when you are about to speak or act and draw a blank.

Progress over Perfection - A New Way to Prioritize

Date 2018-09-04 Author Allie Wooldridge Category soul

Feeling paralyzed by imperfection is a feeling I am familiar with, one I am trying to distance myself from. Memories of quitting or turning down opportunities because my fear of imperfection begins as far back as I can remember. I have spent hours of my life planning to execute my goals, scheduling my days and weeks, formulating my menus, or mapping out my life, only to find myself stuck when there is an unexpected bump in the road.

He Threw Up Down My Bra!

Date 2018-08-26 Author Allie Wooldridge Category confessions

Babies have a tendency to have their meal, sit up, be fine, and then have it come straight back up. No warning, it just comes back out.

How to Change Your Life In 10 Minutes a Day - Journaling for Busy Moms

Date 2018-08-12 Author Allie Wooldridge Category mind

Running, hiding, and being busy…really busy! Doing anything to distract myself from what was going through my mind on a moment to moment basis was the goal. Looking on social media, playing games, doing make work projects, online shopping, creating unrealistic ‘to-do’ lists, planning and replanning were just some of the daily habits I had adopted in order to disappear from my reality. Reflecting on how and why I had gotten here was the furthest thing from my mind.

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